Mission & History

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Mission & History

Vision Statement

Safe healthcare for all. 

Mission Statement

SHEA’s mission is to promote the prevention of healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance and to advance the fields of healthcare epidemiology and antibiotic stewardship.

More About SHEA

SHEA has helped define best practices in healthcare epidemiology worldwide since its founding in 1980.

SHEA is a professional society representing physicians and other healthcare professionals around the world with expertise and passion in healthcare epidemiology, infection prevention, and antimicrobial stewardship. SHEA improves patient care and healthcare worker safety in all healthcare settings through the critical contributions of healthcare epidemiology and improved antibiotic use.  The society leads this specialty by promoting science and research, advocating for effective policies, providing high-quality education and training, and developing appropriate guidelines and guidance in practice. 

The society partners with epidemiologists, infectious disease practitioners, basic scientists, public health specialists, consumers, policymakers, and others, to achieve better healthcare outcomes.

SHEA’s expertise is sought by healthcare regulatory and accrediting agencies and its scientific voice guides decision-making bodies in developing rational, effective, and cost-conscious public policies.

SHEA as an organization

  • Advances the science of healthcare epidemiology through research and education.

  • Translates knowledge into effective policy and practice.

  • Mentors, trains and promotes professional development in healthcare epidemiology.

  • Collaborates and shares expertise with other organizations.

  • Adheres to high ethical standards and promotes honesty and ethical principles in the practice of epidemiology.

Organization information

  • Bylaws (PDF) – SHEA Bylaws outline the governing structure of the organization, member categories and roles and responsibilities of the elected Board of Trustees.

  • SHEA Past Presidents – View a list of past SHEA Presidents since the Society’s creation in 1980

  • Past SHEA Lectureship Awardees – Names of past SHEA Lectureship award recipients.

  • Past SHEA Award Winners – Lists past recipients of the SHEA Investigator Award, Pediatric Investigator Award, Mentor-Scholar Award, International Award, Advanced Practice Infection Preventionist Award, Barry Farr Award and William Jarvis Award

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