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Since 2009, SHEA has partnered with 3M to benefit the international community of healthcare professionals dedicated to infection prevention through our International Ambassadors Program. The program is dedicated to building collaborative relationships between U.S. and international healthcare professionals with expertise in healthcare epidemiology and infection prevention.

In 2015, this program is updated to allow more Ambassadors to benefit from exposure to large US conferences dedicated to infection prevention and control.  Selected ambassadors will be able to select the meeting they attend for training – SHEA Spring 2015 or IDWeek 2015 and provided a one-year membership in SHEA to foster networking and expose them to SHEA's journal and other educational opportunities that can promote knowledge dissemination.  A total of 18 Ambassadors will be selected in 2015 and provided a $3,000 travel grant to cover the costs of attending the meeting of their choice.

Response to the International Ambassadors Program has been noteworthy since its inception: over 345 applicants from around the world have sought a place in this elite group. SHEA has welcomed sixty-two Ambassadors representing thirty five countries (Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Ghana, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sudan, Thailand, Togo, and Vietnam).

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SHEA gratefully acknowledges the financial generosity of 3M Corporation, which supports the International Ambassadors Program.


The International Ambassadors Program (IAP) seeks candidates with 5 - 20 years of experience in order to allow for those more advanced in their career to attend.  Applicants from emerging economies will be given higher priority than those from Western Europe and other developed international communities. The application is available now through November 21, 2014.  If you have any questions, please contact  Applications will be notified of their status by December 31, 2014.

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The impact of this program within the Ambassadors' regions as well as for SHEA's international network is significant and continues to evolve. Ambassadors have organized training courses and educational meetings addressing infection prevention and control and antimicrobial stewardship in India, China, Brazil, and the Philippines. Ambassadors have collaborated on a variety of projects, including: outbreak investigation (India), educational programs (India; Philippines), development of professional networks within a country (Kenya), and research.  Several ambassadors were even highlighted in a textbook, Best Practices in Infection Prevention and Control: An International Perspective, Second Edition, published jointly with SHEA and Joint Commission International.


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International Ambassadors Program Goals in 2015

  • Expand international representation of emerging leaders with a potential for influence in epidemiology in in order to positively impact infection prevention on a global scale. 
  • Build collaborative relationships between SHEA members and professionals in infection prevention and healthcare epidemiology that are sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Expose participants to the latest scientific content, research and expertise related to infection prevention. 
  • Introduce ambassadors to leading industry vendors that serve this market in order to facilitate access to suppliers and partners to ultimately improve quality of care.

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