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Why give to the Foundation?

In 2013, the Foundation received support from 100% of both the SHEA Board of Trustees and the SHEA Education & Research Foundation Board of Trustees.

You Can Make a Difference

The SHEA Education & Research Foundation is funded through the generous support of people and organizations like you.  It is through your support that the Foundation can:

  • Develop best-quality training for future leaders in healthcare epidemiology;
  • Offer research recognition and support awards to researchers and emerging leaders in the field;
  • Foster leaders and scientific exchange on the international stage; and
  • Advance novel scientific investigation through the SHEA Research Network and other research initiatives.

Your donation will directly support the education and research offerings of the Foundation.  Consider the potential impact of each donation:

  • $100 can help SHEA recognize the achievement and contribution of leaders in the field of epidemiology.
  • $250 can help create a multi-year research grant for a young scholar.
  • $500 can support new SHEA Research Network initiatives.
  • $750 can support the current development of online Fellows education which is essential education required of all infectious disease fellows.
  • $1,000 can expand the SHEA global network for scientific knowledge transfer.
  • $10,000 can help fund a more in-depth research project like the SHEA Epi-Project.

Foundation Activities Planned for 2014

This is a list of key activities planned by the SHEA Education and Research Foundation that will use 2014 donations.

  • $20,000 Award for SHEA Epi-Project Winner presented at the SHEA Spring 2014 Conference
  • Key funding initiatives to support the SHEA Research agenda including support for the SHEA Research Network and the possibility of other grant funded research support
  • Funding for the 2014 International Ambassador Program cycle
  • $15,000 in scholarship awards for various programs during the year such as: SHEA Spring 2014 Conference, HHS/APIC/SHEA Partnership in Prevention Award, Judene Bartley Policy in Action Scholarship
  • $15,000 in scholarship awards for IDWeek 2014 
  • Development of online Fellows Education
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Please make a tax-deductible contribution to support the SHEA Education & Research Foundation.  Thank you for your commitment to research innovation and the future of healthcare epidemiology.

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