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SHEA Research Network

The SHEA Research Network (SRN) is a consortium of over 200 hospitals collaborating on multi-center research projects of interest to the SHEA membership to identify important gaps in the healthcare epidemiology science base and address them by contributing data and expertise. The SRN is competitive in obtaining federal funding from agencies including CDC, AHRQ, and NIH.

All hospitals with a dedicated site PI are able to join the SRN and participate in future projects. Project approval is determined by the SRN Application Review Committee.

Engaging the Network

Investigators interested in engaging the SRN for a study should review and complete the Study Proposal Concept Form and submit it to

Proposals funded by an external source or those seeking funding from an external source will be reviewed primarily for project significance and alignment with the mission and capabilities of the SRN. For unfunded proposals, consideration will also be given to the burden on participating sites. If the research proposal aligns with the mission and capabilities of the SRN, the concept sheet alone may be sufficient and will be approved by the SRN Application Review Committee. In some cases, investigators may be asked to submit a Full Protocol Application for review. Concept form submissions will be reviewed as they are received and full proposals, if solicited, will be reviewed quarterly.

Join the SRN

Submit a Proposal

Apply for a Letter of Support

Fee Structure

  • Federally funded grants (excluding training or career development grants): $2,000
  • Corporate funded grants: $5,000
  • Fees cover review and solicitation of members; they do not cover administrative support and data management.
  • Proposals that require additional resources (e.g. Adelphi process with multiple rounds of surveying) will be assessed an additional fee to cover administration of the proposal. The amount will be determined following review of the proposal.
  • Proposals that are not accepted will not be charged.
  • Fees will not be assessed for unfunded research projects (i.e. conducted with no visible means of support).
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