Vision Statement

Safe healthcare for all.

Mission Statement

SHEA’s mission is to promote the prevention of healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance and to advance the fields of healthcare epidemiology and antibiotic stewardship.

Who is SHEA?

SHEA improves public health by setting infection prevention guidelines and optimizing antibiotic use among healthcare providers. We do all of this by leading research studies, translating research into clinical practice, developing smart policy, promoting antibiotic stewardship, and advancing the field of healthcare epidemiology. SHEA members are leaders in infection prevention and share a common interest to improve patient outcomes. Together, we are working to build a safer, healthier future for all. 

Together we are...

VALUABLE: Healthcare professionals value SHEA information and educational resources as essential to professional development and lifelong learning in healthcare epidemiology and antibiotic stewardship.

LEADERS IN RESEARCH: SHEA sets priorities and leads research in healthcare epidemiology antibiotic stewardship.

KNOWLEDGEABLE: SHEA is the indispensable source of scientific information in the non-governmental sector that informs policy makers and establishes guidance on healthcare epidemiology and antibiotic stewardship.

STEWARDS: SHEA is a leader in promoting the implementation of practical strategies for safe healthcare delivery, including healthcare associated infection prevention and antibiotic stewardship.

CONNECTORS: SHEA Members benefit from strategic relationships between SHEA and other organizations with similar objectives.

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