Advocacy Toolkit

The Advocacy Toolkit is a package of educational resources to assist SHEA members with becoming effective advocates on behalf of the society’s policy agenda.  This toolkit is an exclusive SHEA member benefit to enable advocates to be effective in advancing SHEA’s mission, stay informed on the most critical or priority “asks” for the profession, and to better understand the priority policy issues that are top-of-mind for members and society leaders. 

To access the Advocacy Toolkit, log in to LearningCE.

Other Resources

FY2020 Federal Funding Priorities

An important tool for advocates to follow the progression of the federal appropriations process for SHEA priority programs. Includes past, present, and proposed funding levels for CDC, NIH, and AHRQ programs of interest to SHEA.

Labor-HHS Primer

This primer is an important tool to understand the key areas of interests within the Executive Branch and each of their relevant functions concerning SHEA members.  

Advocate Meeting Checklist

When planning an in-person meeting with a legislator, use this checklist to prepare for a successful meeting.

Authorization vs. Appropriations Guide

Did you know even if federal legislation is signed into law, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is funding to support the new program. This brief but helpful guide summarizes the process for funding federal programs, and the difference between authorization and appropriations.

How to be Heard on Social Media

A short and helpful guide for how best to use social media channels to advocate for SHEA.

Appropriations Bill Process

An infographic explaining the unique process for passing federal appropriations bills and the difference between regular order, omnibus bills, and continuing resolutions.


The Policy Resource Center is the one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about SHEA’s policy priorities. Learn about the most pressing issues facing the profession today and what SHEA is doing to advance members’ and patients’ interests.

Priority Issues

A list of SHEA’s key priority issues including a summary of the problem, proposed solutions, and SHEA’s strategy for achieving the society’s goals.

Position Statements & White Papers

SHEA position statements and white papers representing the sense of the society on a variety of emerging and existing policy issues impacting healthcare epidemiology and antibiotic stewardship.

Congressional Testimony and Correspondence 

Written outside witness testimony, letters to Congressional leaders, and media statements outlining SHEA’s recommendations for emerging legislative proposals.

Regulatory Letters and Comments

Comments submitted to federal dockets and other policy-making bodies outlining SHEA’s recommendations for emerging new regulations, quality measures, and accreditation standards. 





SHEA is an active leader and collaborator in shaping public policy for preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and the spread of antibiotic resistance through antibiotic stewardship. SHEA’s advocacy educates regulators, accrediting bodies, legislators, the media, stakeholder partners, and the general public about how investments in research and public health prevention efforts are key components to improving the quality of healthcare delivery.

Why We Advocate

·         Raise awareness of SHEA members' subject matter expertise in preventing HAIs and implementing antibiotic stewardship programs

·         Collaborate with key stakeholders to amplify advocacy for improving surveillance, infection programs, emerging pathogen preparedness, and judicious antibiotic use

·         Proactively respond to the needs of policymakers in the creation of rational and evidence-based policies and public  health reporting requirements

·         Mobilize SHEA advocates through valuable and effective advocacy campaigns

·         Support SHEA members in recognition of their value and advocacy for resources 

The Policy Resource Center

SHEA advocates on behalf of healthcare epidemiologists, antibiotic stewards, infection preventionists, and research investigators for policies that improve healthcare delivery quality by incentivizing best practices that reduce the prevalence of infections and antibiotic resistance. Our priority issues include emerging legislation, federal budget and appropriations, federal regulations and interpretive guidance, and quality metrics and standards of healthcare provider accreditation organizations.

Action Center

SHEA coordinates campaigns for advocates to contact their members of Congress about important legislative issues and federal funding priorities. SHEA mobilizes advocates to support federal investments in public health prevention programs and research in best practices for delivering quality healthcare.

Advocate Training and Resources (Members Only)

SHEA offers a suite of educational and training resources available exclusively to SHEA members. Member advocates new to grassroots advocacy or experienced grassroots advocates have access to guidance to hone their skills.